An organisation is only as good as its people. At LMS we subscribe to the philosophy that you only get results through people:

Motivating your people – strengthens your foundation – improves and grows your results and hence your business

LMS offer empowerment, skills development and personal development programs to your existing staff through the following tailor made programs, implemented in association with the relevant SETAs and accredited training bodies:

  • Exponential learnership programs
  • Regulatory training programs
  • Advisory on assessing whether employees are in the optimal positions, succession planning and assisting with change management
  • Mindfulness, wellness, coaching and reward programs

The DTI has also recently published and gazetted the Y.E.S (Youth Employment Service) Programs to create 1 million jobs for South African youth. Through utilising this program your company can improve its BBBEE status by 1 to 2 levels by hosting the required number of Y.E.S candidates within LMS. LMS in turn would:

  • Register with Yes4ForYouth (BBBEE recognition will only be awarded to YES measured entities that have registered with the YES non-profit company)
  • Recruit Y.E.S candidates
  • House and facilitate the YES candidates
  • Train and manage Y.E.S candidates

Your company would then be able to claim your YES BBBEE Benefit at your financial year-end with your verification agency provided you also achieve at least 50% average score in your companies 3 priority elements (ownership, ESD, SD), which you would with implementation of our ownership option. The chart below shows how the Y.E.S head count target is calculated.